Witaj na toxicxatbots!


New Commands!

1.Dodawanie komendy wlasnej : !response add hehe | (hehe) 2. usuwanie !response remove hehe

New website design

Bot is a new design and new options !

Added free time for official chats

All of the 'official' or 'tribute' chats that are listed on the xat wiki page (HERE) are privileged to use bots without a paid subscription.


!ls [nazwa powersa] np: !ls gold / oraz komenda pokaz ostatnie emotki !ls latest (przyklad mozna zobaczyc na Polishxat.pl)


!hat Komenda pokazuje ostatnie czapki (pawns)


Snitch is a command that when activated notifies users on the snitch list when a user pm's or pc's the bot

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